The R.E Curriculum

Our Religious Education curriculum is based on the Learning and Growing as the People of God Scheme of Work, provided by the Archdiocese of Birmingham. Through this scheme, all pupils engage in high-quality teaching and learning about the Catholic Faith. This includes: the Sacraments, Scripture, the Church’s Liturgical Year, living as Christians, Church Teaching, vocational teaching, and much more.


The R.E. curriculum covers 10% of our weekly timetable. Within their R.E. lessons, children are encouraged to develop higher-level thinking skills, and an ability to ask and respond to questions about the Faith (see Philosophical Thinking in R.E.) Reflective questioning is used as a form of feedback and assessment for learning, ensuring that all children have ample opportunity for focusing on how their learning is relevant to their personal journeys of faith.


R.E Long-Term Plan - Click Here