Philosophical Thinking in R.E

Over the past three years, we have given great focus to the importance of deeper thinking and reflective questioning in R.E. Being able to ask and discuss questions is a crucial aspect of faith formation, and encourages children to link what they learn in class to their personal journeys of faith.


We are continuing to embed the use of Philosophy for Children (P4C) in R.E. lessons, most particularly in Scripture-related lessons. Scripture, religious signs/symbols, and religious artwork are among an inexhaustible list of possible stimuli for discussion.


There are also numerous ways in which children engage with a stimulus, including:


· Philosophical enquiries (in which children ask deeper-level questions, vote on a favourite question, and discuss responses to the question)

· Lectio Divina and Visio Divina (Divine Reading/Looking)

· Close reading/annotations of the meaning of words and phrases within Sacred Scripture

· Writing personal reflections about Sacred Scripture, making links to personal faith and links across Scripture

· Considering, discussing, and writing about ‘I Wonder…’ statements in relation to Scripture



Here are some resources that could be used at home to encourage children to ask and discuss philosophical questions…


*Big Questions Grid - Click Here

*Example activities - Click Here